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"As a former nursing supervisor and instructor; as a former volunteer coordinator in the not-for-profit arena, after reading Jo Sparkes' Feedback: How To Give It, How To Get It, I wish I'd had this short, concise tool in my coaching tool box. As a current editor for an electronic publisher, this book is invaluable!"

  -  Kathy Doran Cottrell, RN, Rape Crisis Service of Rochester

“Finally a book that explains the true production process. I wish I could make my producers read it before every production.”

  - Scott Evans Lindsay, Director/Producer

"They say that, "Everything you do prepares you for everything you do." If that is so, then every story, every character, every plot twist that Jo Sparkes has spun, over her career, has prepared her to craft this book. The lessons contained in "Feedback" are not for the writer who is merely looking for a compliment, but rather for those who are striving for accomplishment."

Barton Green
author, screenwriter
and long-time friend

"In her compact, wisdom-charged Feedback Jo Sparkes provides sharp, sharp, cogent, advice not only for writers but for all people who value creativity and seek to lead fulfilled, creative lives. This slender volume provides more bang for the buck than far longer, weightier tomes. It is a splendid resource to which writers will refer repeatedly."

Richard Walter
Chairman of Screenwriting

"Jo Sparks simplifies the feedback process in this concise easy to implement guide to giving and receiving feedback.  As an actress, I believe everyone can benefit from her experience, not just those in the industry."

Tonetta Weaver, Actress

”... the author buys the cheap stuff instead of the good dog food with the
bacon flavor.”
- Oscar, the dog
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