Feedback ... a kinder word for criticism,is an organic component to life.

A toddler tries his first step and falls. 

Before his parent can leap up to help, he claws his way upright again. Through sheer dogged persistence, that boy will learn to walk. And then run. And one day enter the Boston Marathon.

What would happen to the human race if that boy gave up after a few bumps?

Before we could read self-help books, before we could understand a language and sit in a classroom, we learned by trial and error. 

“Feedback” is the natural teaching process. It’s how the creator set it up. It’s how the world actually works.

This book is a simple way through the negative chatter that blocks us from hearing the wisdom within. It teaches you to give it and when you learn that, getting it becomes simpler.

"In her compact, wisdom-charged Feedback, Jo Sparkes provides sharp, sharp, cogent, advice not only for writers but for all people who value creativity and seek to lead fulfilled, creative lives. This slender volume provides more bang for the buck than far longer, weightier tomes. It is a splendid resource to which writers will refer repeatedly."

        -  Richard Walter   Chairman of Screenwriting, U.C.L.A.

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